How To Get Your Girl To Act Out ALL Of Your Wildest Fantasies!

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“How To Give Your Girl The Most Incredible, Heart-Pounding Sexual Experiences Of Her Entire Life!”

No Matter Your Size Or Stamina, And Even If You've Been Together For Years And The "Spark" Seems Long Gone

Dear Future Sex God =)

My name is Katie Morgan, and as a girl who's been with both guys AND girls, I can tell you 2 things I know about sex that are totally true:

1. Women instinctively know the spots on another girl's body to touch - and how to touch them - to make her feel INCREDIBLE =)

2. When a MAN knows these same spots and how to touch them... it feels even better!

But here's the problem…

Most Men Don't Have The First Clue About How To Touch A Woman… Let Alone How To Make Her Cum!

Have you ever slept with a woman and worried she may have been disappointed with your performance or that her last lover was better in bed than you are?

If so, you're not alone.

Do you know the biggest reason why women cheat on their partners? It's simple…

It's Because She’s BORED With You In Bed!

I know the same has held true for me many times in my life...

I'd meet a guy, we'd totally click... and then we'd get in the bedroom and he just wouldn't know how to make me cum...

Sure, it can still be fun in the beginning while things are still new... but after a while, if the guy doesn't know what he's doing the sex just gets boring... and I'll quickly lose interest.

On the other hand... if a guy can make my body shake and make my toes curl back in ecstasy while I'm screaming at the top of my lungs... oh man...

Girl in red dress.

“I'm YOURS Whenever And However You Want!”

You see, we girls love and NEED sex as much as men!

A lot of guys don't realize that’s a HUGE part of the relationship for us too.

That's also a big part of the reason why I've always enjoyed being with other girls.

Women know exactly how a woman's body works... the places it feels best to be touched... and how to touch them in a way that drives you CRAZY.

Being with another woman is always a lot of fun =)

But when it comes to men I'll be totally honest and upfront with you - while many guys TALK a big game…

Almost ALL Guys Are CLUELESS When It Comes To Really Knowing How To Get A Woman Off!

Ask any girl and she’ll tell you the same thing!

Now, this can be really frustrating to us girls.

Imagine if you were with a woman who couldn't give YOU an orgasm – would you continue dating her?

Of course you wouldn't.

And it works both ways - if you're bad in bed, it's almost certain your woman will leave you or cheat on you.

Worst case? She’ll cheat on you until you find out and THEN leave you for the other man.

I've seen my girlfriends do it... a LOT.

And while I personally could never cheat on someone I cared about, I'll confess—I HAVE broken up with guys because they couldn't satisfy me.

Check out this letter I received from a woman just the other day!

"...I have been faking orgasms the entire time we have been together...

"Please do not use my name in this letter! I can't believe I'm writing in. I saw your ad in a magazine that my boyfriend left in the bathroom. I would never tell him this but I have been faking orgasms the entire time we have been together.

I ordered your program for him and told him that "i think you might like this porno video" so that he wouldn't be insulted. He didn't say anything but I KNOW that he watched it because I watched it when he went to work.

He totally used the fingering technique that Julia did to you on me! I orgasmed so hard that I had to rest for 2 minutes before we had sex. Please, make more videos because this really is what guys need to know. thank you :-)"

(name withheld) - Albany, NY

What hurts me is that I know guys have it tough.

Let's face it - when it comes to sex, men are easy to figure out!

But with a woman... unless you know EXACTLY what to do... you can't just "figure out" how to get us off.

And here's something else I wish men knew…

Nothing Turns Us Off Faster... Than Having To TELL YOU What To Do!

Think about it this way - would you ever date a girl who was 50 pounds overweight... planning to SHOW HER how to start eating right, going to the gym and getting in shape!

No way!

Just like you don't want to SHOW your woman how to look good... we don’t want to be your sex-ed teacher and have to SHOW YOU how to make us cum.

Just the thought of showing a guy how to "do it" is so embarrassing to most girls that we'd rather just find someone else... no matter how well our personalities click.

Here Are 3 Other Secrets About Women You Might Not Know…

Sex Secret #1

Your Woman Will NEVER Tell You If You Are Bad In Bed!

Here's another honest confession:

While we'll happily complain for hours to our girlfriends about how clumsy and clueless you are in the bedroom... we will never, ever, EVER tell you to your face!

Why? Well we know guys have fragile egos, so we'd rather put up with "average" sex than tell you and risk hurting your feelings.

After all, we can always just fake like we’re enjoying it ;)

This can create another problem though... you see... you probably already know girls "fake it" all the time.

The problem this causes is that since a girl won't ever tell a guy he sucks in bed, but she WILL fake an orgasm—and very convincingly…

A lot of guys never know they are doing anything wrong.

Some Guys Are Even Fooled Into Thinking They Are “Good” In Bed!

The reality?

Your woman is lying there wishing she was with someone who really knew how to make her cum HARD... so she wouldn't have to fake it.

So the moral of the story is that many guys who are bad in bed don't know it!

If you hear a guy bragging about how he rocked his girl's world in the bedroom... don't always believe him!

Sex Secret #2

If You Give Your Woman Orgasms, She Will NEVER Leave You…

Unlike men, we women are NOT interested in having a variety of sexual partners.

So... when we find a guy who is GREAT in bed, we know we've found something RARE.

We'll never even LOOK at another man.

Guys who have these skills can basically do WHATEVER THEY WANT and a girl will stick with them.

Have you ever heard about a girl who is with a total jerk... but she just won't break up with him?

It's almost ALWAYS because he's great in bed, no lie.

It's the only surefire way to CHEAT-PROOF your relationship, and keep a woman interested in you and only you for as long as you desire.

Sex Secret #3

When You Give Your Woman Orgasms, She Becomes SEXUALLY ADDICTED To You!

Yes, you read that right!

Here's why:

We LOVE sex.

If you need proof of this, think about how loudly we scream when we're getting off!

Those aren't screams of pain you know =)

Yet, 99% of men are TERRIBLE in bed!

Because of this, it is RARE that we get to have great sex

So when we DO find a man who can give it to us...


I'm sure you've heard of couples who have sex 3 or more times a day?

Well in most cases... It's we girls who are initiating it!

It's because we LOVE to fuck... and when we are lucky enough to find the rare guy who knows how to give us those amazing orgasms we crave... watch out!

We want you inside of us ALL THE TIME!

Check out this email I received just the other day…

"...I love the way it's now SHE who is hounding ME for sex!"

"Hi Katie, well you asked me to write you if I liked the program and let's just say I LOVE THEM! I've been with my girl for almost 2 years now and while things were great at the beginning we were now down to having sex like once a week and I just didn't get it.

I got your program and tried out the 1-finger orgasm technique and a few others, well lets just say I've never seen my girl scream like that before, not ever! Now we are having sex a LOT more and I love the way it's now her who's the one always hounding me for sex!

Not only is our sex life 100 times better, the way she acts when we use your program makes me feel like I’m 7 feet tall."

C.W. - San Antonio, TX

"It Can Be EASY To Give Your Woman Not Just A Single Orgasm... But 3… 4… 5… 6 Orgasms... Even Squirting Orgasms... And I Want To Show You How!"

If you're serious about becoming the type of guy that can give your woman an unforgettably orgasmic experience in bed...

...the type of passionate, heart-pounding, body-pulsating sex that has her BEGGING you for more and more...

...then my friends and I would like to show you how...

Like I said, I've been into girls long before I got involved in the adult film business...

In fact I've liked boys AND girls for as far back as I can remember.

Busty Girl

It's safe to say I know a thing or two about how to please a woman, and not just myself =)

Lesbians Fucking

As you can see above, I decided to get together with a few of my girlfriends and make some sexy, step-by-step demonstration videos where we show the exact techniques we use to give each other orgasm after juicy orgasm in our private lives... guys like you can watch it and learn this stuff for themselves.

Hehe =)

I decided to call this program:

Pornstar Coaching

“Let My Hot Girlfriends And I Show You EVERYTHING!”

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Pornstar Coaching Program

You’ve seen those boring "couples" videos made by so-called sex experts who think doggystyle is "kinky" and oral sex is "taboo"... what a joke!

In PornStar Coaching I’ll show you the REAL secrets to giving your girl mind-blowing sex... we hold nothing back!

This explicit program is designed to turn any guy into a GOD in the bedroom – regardless of your previous sexual experience, stamina, and even if you're below-average in size (it's not important when you know this stuff!)

Program One

PornStar Confessions

  • A simple tweak to the missionary position that gives her the feeling you are a full 2 inches longer and thicker inside of her (Julia and I pull out one of our favorite toys to show you this secret that you'll use with every woman you are with from now on to make her eyes roll back with ecstasy)
  • A special “sensual massage” to use before sex that primes a woman to have MULTIPLE ORGASMS (Doing this first gets her so incredibly turned on she’ll be begging to have you inside of her)
  • 3 "Sexual Initiation Triggers" – Touch these spots BEFORE sex to make her shake with anticipation... then again DURING sex to take her over the edge…
  • Secrets of Sexual Addiction: Here’s how to get her so into you that she won’t even look at another man (Warning: this will cause a woman to want to be around you a LOT... so it’s best not to use it unless you are really into her)
  • How to keep sex EXCITING long after the initial “thrill” has past (Do just these 3 little things and SHE’LL start initiating sex with you... even if you’ve always been the one to have to get things started before)
  • A special place (and a special way) to touch a woman to guarantee mind- altering sex! (This technique is so simple (and so little-known) even 15% of all women don't know about ít)
  • “She’s faking it!” A dead giveaway that proves if a woman is faking her orgasms!
  • What do lesbians know about oral sex that men don't? (Amazingly, this is why more guys today are losing their women to other women!)
  • A sensual secret just recently discovered which every man should know about how to ... instantly ... put his woman “in the mood”! (This works faster than anything else a man could ever do and women desperately want their man to learn this secret)
  • A sex act impossible for men to discover on their own that women RAVE about... and... often say, “is more enjoyable than orgasms”
  • A little known foreplay secret that gives a man a foolproof method which guarantees his woman has an explosive orgasm every time they fuck!
  • An exclusive "pleasure map" containing a "fingertip" guide to the 3 most sizzling "hot spots" on a woman's body... (includes at least 1 she probably hasn't discovered herself!)
  • A secret "pleasure spot" on a woman's body (NOT the G-spot) which is so hidden away by nature ... not one man in a thousand knows about it ... and yet... touching it like this produces awesome, shuddering waves of pleasure!
  • The six "tricks" which are a man's surest path to quickly increase his woman's "clitoral arousal"
  • Why a woman does NOT need longer foreplay... if you use this trick to get her in the mood FAST
  • How to guarantee your lover almost never stops thinking about you ... and… how to make sure all those thoughts are supercharged with passion and white-hot, smoldering anticipation!
  • What 44% of women wish men knew about the easiest way to bring her to an intoxicating climax... every time!
  • The two amazingly simple secrets (totally unknown by most men) which will cause "peak sexual excitation" ... and... give women dramatically, longer-lasting orgasms
  • 5 secrets you need to know... if... you want to be able to kiss like a truly world-class lover! (This is the type of erotic foreplay ALL women demand men know)
  • The rare quality a man MUST have if he wants to please one of those SUPER-HOT women who has her choice of men... and ... have any chance of success! (These hard-to-please women will overlook everything else except this)
  • A technique that helps a woman have her FIRST orgasm from penetration women CAN'T discover by themselves! (She will love you for this)

"...6 times in one night!"

"I made her orgasm 6 times in one night! Man, I was more shocked than she was. I had no idea this was possible..."

J.U. from Charlotte, North Carolina

Apply Just 10% Of What You Learn And Gain An “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” Over Other Men!

I made the PornStar Coaching program because I wanted to teach guys the REAL secrets to giving your girl mind-blowing orgasms... again and again and again...

You’re going to get so many great tricks and tips in this program that you won’t even be able to use them all in a single session!

Use just a couple tricks each time... or give your woman a full-on pleasure assault... the choice is yours!

Program Two

Forbidden Sex Poistions

In this program, you'll discover the mental and emotional tips and tricks for taking your sex life to the next level... and beyond…

You'll learn:

  • A deadly mistake 77% of men make in bed that causes their woman to imagine themselves with SOMEONE ELSE - even if the guy does everything else right!
  • The common sex technique women secretly HATE! (Sadly nearly all men do this anyways because they see it in movies... but in real life it turns your woman OFF and makes it even HARDER for her to have an orgasm)
  • Why women HATE a guy who is inexperienced - plus a technique inexperienced guys can use to FOOL a woman into thinking he's a seasoned stud!
  • A smooth, rejection-free way to start talking dirty to your woman that fills her mind with naughty fantasies she'll want to try out with YOU (and only you)...
  • The 7-word sentence that SNAPS her into “the mood”. (Use this "trigger" to get her turned on and hungry for your cock whenever you want)
  • How to smoothly and effortlessly move from one position to the next (Use this secret to get her to try any CRAZY position you want with zero resistance)
  • A trick to setting up your bedroom that DOUBLES the chances a girl will sleep with you…
  • A special trick to spice up "doggy style" that makes her SQUEAL with pleasure - every time! (She'll instantly know you’re an EXPERT in the bedroom when you do this)
  • How to introduce kinky stuff like spanking, handcuffs and even candle wax! (Here's how to bring it up in a way that gets her EXCITED to try out crazy fantasies)
  • The specific ORDER of positions you should use to give her the BEST chance of having MULTIPLE orgasms (Even if you do everything else wrong, she is guaranteed to have at least one orgasm when you use this secret... but most likely she'll have 8, 9, even 10 body shaking orgasms before you're done)
  • The PLACES to have sex that turn her on the most (Hint: It's not your bed! If you want to instantly separate yourself from her past lovers, take her to THIS spot in your house that turns her on as soon as you walk in)
  • The 3 things you must do BEFORE you get in your bedroom to make sure things go smoothly once you are there…
  • The ways women like men to be ROMANTIC in bed. If you're serious about pleasing the girl you are with, tie in these romantic elements to give her the ULTIMATE sexual experience…
  • A very slight change in the way you talk to a woman which can DOUBLE your animal attractiveness to her!
  • 10 things a man must know about a woman which guarantees he and she will have GREAT (not just good) sex
  • The number one rule which absolutely must be observed for women to have a truly spectacular orgasm!
Program Three

Advanced Sex Positions

Advanced Sex Positions shows you how to get more sex, be a master at oral sex, AND how to dominate and make her love all varieties of the doggy style position.

This one has to be seen to be believed.

It shows me and my lover Julia FORGETTING the cameras are on and having a really sexy encounter.

In this Program, you'll learn:

  • How to give a girl the deepest dicking of her life! (Use this angle to make her feel like she's with a MONSTER... no matter what your size)
  • How to turn an ordinary night watching Netflix with your girl into heart pounding sex with no chance of rejection and making it seem totally spontaneous and natural (Do this ANY time you are watching tv to make HER eager to turn off the tv and tear your clothes off)
  • The exact order in which to take her clothes off for maximal orgasmic stimulation (Use the WRONG order and she won't be "heated up" enough to achieve multiple orgasms)
  • Why women don't want to have sex at times and how to get around that “inconvenient truth” and get her horny when you want to…
  • Why to AVOID direct stimulation of her erogenous zones UNTIL this moment… touch this area TOO FAST and she will be instantly turned off!
  • Explicit demonstrations of orgasmic oral sex techniques... What to do, when to do it, and my secret "tricks" for making your girl scream!
  • When it is finally time to move down to her "kitty" and make her whimper helplessly as you decide WHEN and WHICH technique to use to drive her over the edge
  • The first thing you must do with your tongue during oral sex if you want to drive her crazy (Anything you do after this is just icing on the cake :) )
  • Exactly where the clit is and the exact pressure to use (Hint: it's probably NOT where you think because when she becomes aroused the "hot spot" changes!)
  • What to do with your hands while she is going down on you (trust me guys, this will make her want to do it more often!)
  • How to show control and dominance that make her want to totally submit to you - and love it!
  • How to turn her on with dirty talk without coming across as cheesy or staged (All girls LOVE this when you do it right!)
  • A secret to use during doggy style that lets you last twice as long!
  • A WILD position men think girls wouldn't like... but most actually love! (Especially because so many guys are afraid to even try it!)
  • How to add variety so that you never have to "plan" or schedule sex like an old couple often does... instead you'll be speeding to meet each other at lunch for red hot middle of the day sex
  • How to make her so sexually addicted to you that you can get away with some EXTREMELY taboo sex acts most guys never get to pull off (If you've ever wanted to try out the crazy stuff you see in adult movies, you better know this one!)
Program Four

Secrets of Squirting Orgasms

If you’ve ever wondered about how to give a girl one of those ultra- intense SQUIRTING ORGASMS – or what some women call, “The Ultimate Orgasm”, look no further...

In this sizzling hot video, you’ll witness one of these amazing orgasms first hand as I take my sexy friend Julia to a level of ecstasy many women will never be so lucky to experience!

In it, you'll learn:

  • A live and explicit step-by-step demonstration of exactly how to give a woman a squirting orgasm from start to finish (It took me a little while to learn this amazing technique that makes almost ANY woman not only squirt... but have the most intense orgasm of her entire life! I'm very excited to share it with you!)
  • The "big secret" of squirting orgasms... why some women have them all the time... and why with others, you have to use this to have one of these powerful orgasms... now you'll know how to give it to her!
  • The exact spots you must touch on a woman's body to get her to squirt (I'll show you the order to go in and the types of ways to touch these spots that make her go absolutely CRAZY)

This is TRULY a sizzling hot technique and I’m very excited to share it with

Program Five

Katie's Sex Secrets

In this seminar-style Program, you'll discover the mental and emotional tips and tricks for taking your sex life to the next level... and beyond…

In this Program, you'll learn:

  • How to turn YOUR GIRL into a porn star and have her screaming and orgasming like I do… this works EVEN BETTER if your girl is a little shy or uptight because this will UNLOCK her inner sex vixen
  • Inside the mind of "Hottest Girl in Porn" (me :) and how you can use my female psychology to mentally and emotionally stimulate your girl to the most mind altering multiple orgasms of her life… once you discover the "emotional" side of multiples for women she'll be moaning your name over and over again in ecstasy
  • How to QUIET any distractions that might be going on in your mind during sex that TAKE YOU OUT OF THE MOMENT… do this and you'll notice you enjoy sex more AND your girl totally loosens up
  • The number one mistake guys make both during PORN SEX and in real life that is easily fixed "once you get it"... shockingly enough this has NOTHING to do with penis size or stamina...but rather a simple realization that women get and guys NEVER DO!
  • If GETTING more sex is important to you WHY you need to ROCK HER WORLD in a certain way that will UNLOCK THE FLOODGATES of your girls inner pornstar sluttyness…
  • The exact amount of time a guy should last in bed and how you can last AT LEAST that long even while hitting the most stimulating positions AND being so turned on that you want to explode all over…
  • Why IF you think you might be cumming too fast you DEFINITELY are even if your girl has never complained about your stamina… it's shocking when you find out how long some girls want you to be inside them for in order for them to BE FULLY PLEASURED
  • The 3 reasons foreplay should NEVER STOP UNTIL SHE ORGASMS and the exact techniques to give her foreplay orgasms… you'll be shocked at how EASY it is to give her full body orgasm once you give her a foreplay orgasm FIRST
  • The simple sentence that relaxes her and gets her ready for sex… no matter how much YOU are currently the one trying to get sex and even if she totally isn't in the mood THAT night
  • #1 key that PREVENTS women from powerful orgasms and how to remove it… once you get this your girl will start coming at least 2-3 times more each time AND much LOUDER and WETTER
  • How a 3 inch guy that I had to work with once gave me a deep spot orgasm despite his size and the advanced position that he used... you can copy this position exactly and if you are larger than 3 inches it will be 3x more sexually dominating for your girl
  • How guys in porn LEARN to be good quickly and why ANYONE who thinks great lovers are BORN is dead wrong…
  • How to finger her WITH HER PANTIES still on in a way that unleashes her emotions and makes her overcome with desire… she will pull down her panties IMMEDIATELY after you use this motion...and it only takes one finger!
  • A 4 step massage that initiates sex every time even if she is tired, worked too much or in a bad mood… this cuts STRAIGHT to the core of her femininity and inspires her TO SATISFY you
  • My favorite sexual position and how you can get your girl to do it… this works best if your girl is self conscious, prude, or worried about seeming slutty
  • 5 kissing secrets stolen from French men (the most romantic in the world) that instantly sparks passion and the most romantic sex of her life… if you are not ok with giving your girl the most powerful emotional experience of her life you might want to skip this
  • My favorite sexual position and how you can get your girl to do it… this works best if your girl is self conscious, prude, or worried about seeming slutty
  • A mindset that every guy who is AMAZING in bed has… you can implement this instantly and it will improve your sex life as much as ANY technique or positions....this is NEXT LEVEL mindset technique…
  • The exact grip you need to use to pull her hair while in doggy style to create a bad boy image and drive her over the edge with animalistic primal pleasure… most guys would NEVER think they get away with such "manly" behavior and are amazed WHEN SHE LOVES IT
  • How to take an ordinary bedroom accessory that every guy has and turn it into one of the most powerful sex toys imaginable…
  • The 3 types of orgasms you can give her before sex, how to decide WHICH ORGASM TO GIVE HER and when it's time to finally penetrate her…
  • Why stamina does NOT matter if you don't have PROPER TECHNIQUE…
  • Why confidence is "biologically proven" to be the biggest turn on for girls and how to have the confidence of a guy who has been with 300 women… your girl will think that you are a different guy
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Secrets Of Superman Stamina

Do you ever worry you aren't lasting long enough?

Or have you ever had to have that embarrassing talk with a woman after you failed to get it up?

If you’ve had either of these problems, then I’ve created this program for YOU.

What do I know about getting it up and keeping it up? Absolutely nothing!

So I went around and interviewed several of my male adult star friends - guys whose jobs depend on them being able to perform - and asked them to spill all of their secrets to rock-hard erections and unstoppable, "all night" stamina…

I took what they told me and compiled it into this tell-all report I call, "Superman Stamina".

In it, you'll learn:

  • A simple 3-second "trick" which 100% eliminates "performance anxiety" in men (Note: This "trick" has been used for centuries by the greatest lovers in the in the world... and is now a closely- guarded secret of adult film stars who don't want to use pills)
  • The 2 rare secrets (one mental, one physical) men need to know to have rock-hard erections... at any age! (These are crucial secrets to improving a man's sex life at any age)
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  • A special breathing technique that gives you the ability to RE- ENERGIZE and get another rock-solid erection just minutes after you blow! (Even if you don't last long the first time, use this secret to go at it again before she even notices you were done!)

You'll Also Get The New "Bible" Of Naughty Sex Techniques! Animalistic Sex with Marcus London

In this wild, politically INCORRECT, picture and diagram-filled manual you will discover:

  • The one sexual dysfunction that makes women cheat... how to identify if you have it and stop it before she even considers another man
  • How to use sexual pleasure to rescue a "relationship on the rocks" and re-ignite the excitement she had when you first started dating
  • The evolutionary reasons why sexual ability is the most important characteristic of a man who wants a faithful woman… trumping career success, dating skills, and even looks...You'll discover how to "short circuit" her biological switches so that she is sexually addicted to ONLY you.
  • What sexual mastery REALLY means and how to be an advanced lover with any woman despite it being only your first or second time sleeping with her.
  • The NECESSITY of blowing her mind the first time you sleep with her... plus a step-by-step first night guide that will have her saying that she "feels like she's known you forever"
  • The ONLY 4 things you need to know to skip the frustration and embarrassment of becoming a better lover through experience and instead "short-cutting" to WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT. Once you "get this" you won't waste any time trying stuff that doesn't give her an orgasm and leads to that uncomfortable bedroom silence when something goes wrong.
  • The truth about stamina: how long she wants you to last, how to last that long, and 1 little trick that MAKES it seem like you've lasted twice as long. (This is not what you think it is)
  • How to give her the sensation of a "big dick" without using any dud penis pumps, dangerous pills, or freakish extenders. Be careful because this little-known position may make her sore if she has never felt it before.
  • A breakdown of how sexual ability has been proven throughout history to be the real currency to getting and keeping women... and how to be the "richest man" she has ever been with.
  • How to have unlimited sexual confidence and KNOW not THINK that you will be her best lover ever. Imagine how relaxed you will be around her when you have 100% confidence that once you have sex she will be in love with you.
  • The only true definition of love for a woman… and how to be ‘the one’ that reveals this emotional secret to her.
  • Why dinners, gifts, and trying to impress her RUIN sexual attraction.
  • Discover the 3 secrets that actually make her want sex as much as you do. These secrets are not what you think, DO NOT involve money or time but rather A UNIQUE skill set that will have you wide eyed in surprise…
  • The one thing to think that will allow you to LAST AS LONG AS YOU WANT. Never again will you be moving slowly inside her, hoping to avoid that awkward moment when you have to explain that you are done…
  • How to naturally get hard and stay hard, with no pills or other stimulants. This "psychological Viagra" trick is so effective that it was almost EQUAL to the control group when Viagra was being clinically tested! (but what pharmaceutical company would EVER tell you that?)
  • Avoid being a "robotic lover" and discover how to give her the emotions she needs... without looking cheesy or saying anything that makes you look soft or leave you feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable.
  • The one spot on her body guys NEVER focus on but will instantly make her feel a magnetic sexual attraction to you.
  • 6 types of lousy lovers and how to not be any of them… when surveyed by a national woman's magazine, 77% of women identified their boyfriend as one of these chumps!
  • Discover the physical and VERBAL proof that she has had an orgasm. Many men don't realize THEIR woman is FAKING until it is too late, she’s already "checked out" of the relationship and started looking for a new man.
  • The 4 traits of the sexual alpha male that you can copy and use immediately…
  • Why creating strong emotions is more important than god-given "physical talents" and how to use YOUR MIND to give her the sex of her life. This includes NO hypnosis and nothing unethical or creepy. In fact, she won't even know WHY she feels such emotional orgasms.
  • Why thrusting alone doesn't make her cum and what does…
  • How women really masturbate, what they think about, and how to fulfill their fantasies WITHOUT EVER ASKING so that they say to you, "how did you even know that's what I like like?
  • Why she is more focused on HER body and how you should never be self conscious about what you look like naked.... and a simple tip you can use to instantly make it SEEM like you are in way
  • How sexual knowledge overcomes any sexual problem and the specific nugget of knowledge you need to overcome YOUR specific problems.
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